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Every day we live in rush realizing our own professional and personal plans and tasks. At this pace of life we take care of our personal and family goals. For all of us, which we often emphasize, the most important are our children: their health, fundamental values in life, gaining skills, experience, knowledge, developing passions, as well as education and a successful start in life. As the parents we get involved and support children in each of the stage of their personal grow.

Being stuck in our colorful, warm family world we do not see black and white world of children from orphanages. Children who had experienced many difficult to tell and describe life situations before they got to the orphanages.

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Our support

Providing support and assistance for those in need is another important part of operations of Grupa Wyskocz. This follows from our approach to life, our sensitivity and willingness to help others. That is why we treat each day as an opportunity to deliver satisfaction and joy to the children.

Grupa Wyskocz has established an internal project called "Grupa Wyskocz for Children", whose main purpose is to search for entities supporting the youngest, hierarchization of the needs of entities and finally provide the greatest support. Carrying aid we made ​​contact with the management staff of the portal, at the same time becoming their donor - who knew the enormity of the needs that concern to each orphanage.

For the purpose of the project we created a separate logo, which is an integral part of program. Each accocmodation facility which add yearly advertisement will receive a diploma "I help because the good pays off", stating that the needs of others are not alien to him.

How does it work?

Along with providing the most advanced solutions for presentation of the accommodation facilities in portals of Grupa Wyskocz, we realize a noble goal to help others.

From each advertising offer entry added to the portals we write off symbolic brick of 2% of gross net amount of given offer as a part of the project "Grupa wyskocz for Children" for the purpose of support for orphanages and other facilities helping children who are located in municipality or the province to which advertised accomodation facility belongs.

Forms of support

  • To foster child from Orphanages and other facilities we will provide help as possible in comprehensive development.
  • We will contribute to support the process of treatment and rehabilitation of children.
  • We will purchase the necessary education textbooks and school supplies.
Pomagaj, bo dobro procentuje!

Pomagaj, bo dobro procentuje!

Twoje 2% może być czyimś obiadem.

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